Hey, I'm Ziwen (Krystal).

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I'm a UX Designer & Data Scientist.

I'm passionate about bringing emerging technologies and products close to everyone's life.

Currently -- UX Researcher @ByteDance   Research Assistant @UCSD The Design Lab.

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Interaction Design Internship

@ Qualcomm Institute

Worked on various projects, participated in the redesign and maintenance of multiple websites, and led an interaction design project -

          QI Mobile Application Solution - Paird

UX Research @ UCSD The Design Lab

​How Creators publicly request feedback in an online critique community?

Accepted for ACM CSCW conference​    Read paper

UIUX Design with client

@ Lito Nail & Eyelashes

Designed a responsive website for Lito Nail & Eyelashes, a nail salon located in Convoy, CA.

Completed user research and a high-fidelity prototype in ten weeks currently being used by the client.

UIUX Design with client

@ MedAlarm

Designed a mobile application called MedAlarm that intends to assist elderly-people take medicines and manage doctor's appointment

UX Research @ UCSD The Design Lab

Investigated system designs to improve the process of moderating online discussions at news websites


** Aim to submit ACM CSCW conference with deadline

June.1 2020 will update information later


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