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I'm Ziwen Zeng (Krystal)

I'm a Human-Centered Designer and a Human-Centered Data Scientist

I found my passion at combining Human-Computer Interaction and Data Science in this big data era to create enhanced interactive products that seamlessly meet user needs.

I hope to bring promising technologies to everyone's life and make life easier! 

Contact me at

Design & Prototyping

 AdobeXD, Sketch,
Photoshop, Figma

Software Development

Java, Python,
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, SQLite



Python, Matlab,
Machine Learning


Interview, Persona, Storyboarding,
Competitive Analysis, User testing; Qualitative coding
UX Research


Semi-structured Interview, Affinity Diagram, Qualitative Coding, Natural Language Processing, Inferential Statistics, Literature Review


Python, R, Sketch

​Research focus on exploring feedback requests strategies in an online critique community (Reddit)

Aim for CSCW conference 2020

Analyzed the comments of over 1200 New York Times articles using NLP techniques. Collaborated in designing experiments on human behavior and perception around data visualization.

Tools: Python, R, Sketch

Focus on the design of an interactive platform that encourages data-centered interactions in online civic discussions.

Aim for CSCW conference 2020

UX Research
UIUX Design
UI/UX Design

MethodsUser research, Competitive Analysis, Storyboarding, Wireframing, PaperPrototyping, User-testing

Tools: AdobeXD, Sketch, Photoshop

An elderly friendly mobile app that helps manage medicine list and doctor appointments by setting simple alarms. 

Take the role as project manager and UX Designer in a team of 6 people. End up with high-fidelity prototype.

MethodsUser research, Competitive Analysis, Storyboarding, Wireframing, PaperPrototyping, User-testing

Tools: AdobeXD, Sketch, Photoshop

Take the lead to design the complete prototype for "PAIRD", an on-campus app that connect students with research opportunities. This app is expected to be public in September 2020.

Methods:  Client Survey, Customer Interview, Persona, Competitive Analysis, Creative  Design Brief, Paper Prototyping, Wirefrmaing

Tools: AdobeXD, Photoshop, Sketch

Design the mobile and desktop website for our client: Lito Nail & Eyelashes, a nail salon located in La Jolla.


Html, CSS. JavaScript, Node.js

 AdobeXD, Photoshop, Sketch, Figma

A platform that help UCSD students receive relevant information from student organizations and go paperless


I work as both UIU Designer and Frontend Developer.

Full Stack
Full Stack Development

Work for UI design, Frontend and Backend Development


Tool : Html, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, SQLite, Google API, Firebase, Python, Photoshop

A platform that aims to help people who want to do self-media with a focus on writing online articles.

A mobile app that allow users to record their daily meal just like a diary and therefore keep healthy.


Experience Prototype, Visual Inspiration, Competitive Analysis, Storyboarding, Paper Prototype, Wireframing, User-testing, A/B Testing

Tool: Html, JavaScript, CSS, Json, JQuery,

Google Analytics

Data Science
Data Science & Machine Learning

Evaluate the performance of  five classification algorithms:  SVM(linear), K-Neighbors, Random Forests, Adaboost, Logistic Regression on four different datasets and compare how they behave.


Work in a team of 5 people. Use Python to do data analysis on data from Kaggle open source. After data cleaning and visualization, we analyze what are the important elements that affect movie revenues.

HCI and Data Science (NLP) Integrated Product

An interactive platform that can turn lecture videos in to easily digestible and segmented transcripts with highlighted key sentences to improve study efficiency.

Updating Details Soon ...

Data Source:  Inside Airbnb website 

Constructed Dataset size: 106 features , 30852 data points

We analyze this dataset to give implications on how to be a new Airbnb Host

Updating Details Soon ...

Graphic Design
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