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Recently, self-media becomes super popular. People spread ideas to others by sharing videos, articles, and blogs on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and WeChat. Inspired by this, Landing is designed to help people who want to do self-media with a focus on writing online-articles. Landing offers latest trends with related news, statistical analysis and successful articles to aid people with online article writing.

CATEGORY:  Full Stack Development (Frontend + Backend)

TOOL:  Html, Css, Html, Javascript, Node.js, jQuery, SQLite, Google API, Python, Photoshop

ROLE:   I worked in a team of two people. We come up with the design idea together and each of us is in charge of some parts, including both design and programming. I mainly built article database, statistic analysis and daily skill push sections. I also use python to scrape articles and let them automatically update everyday.

​Design Ideas



  • Google API will update latest trends every time user refresh the page

  • Click on bubbles of trends will show all news related to this trend

  • Users can mark “bookmark” for news

  Daily Skill Push

  • Articles relate to “how to write a good article” will automatically update everyday

  • Articles are scraped by python


  Statistics Analysis

  • The latest statistics will be updated based on the behavior of users. Now, we have statistics for average reading time

  Article Resources

  • Good quality articles downloaded from Kaggle

  • Users can “like” the articles for different reasons: good layout, good content, good title

  • Sort function

  • Mark "bookmark"

  • Manage your bookmark for both news and articles

Design Prospects in the future

1.    Ambitious Database and Data Visualization

  • We want better datasets. Currently, our dataset comes from Kaggle open-source which collects articles from Medium website. We hope our database collects articles from multiple websites, such as Quora, Facebook to make it inclusive and representative.

  • We want more categories in our database that could help record user data and expand our statistical analysis. For example, we want to show “current trending title structure”, “the most important feature of a successful article”, “the appropriate length”, etc.

2.    Design

  • We also hope to redesign the UI/UX since now we mainly focused on the overall structure and Backend Development

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